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98: Nobody had Stories

This week Jonathan and Mark talk about a cool Apple themed calendar Stephen Hackett has put together. A weird leaked never released WWDC intro video that features Larry David as the head of App Review. Then they chat about the back and forth stories about Apple and its office and remote work plans. Finally they wonder what will come of new rumors for the highly anticipated 14 & 16-inch Macbook Pros.

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Stephen Hackett launches his Kickstarter for a 2022 Apple Hardware Calendar

The Price is Right with Stephen Hackett

In a weird scraped WWDC video Larry David is the head of App Review

Apple’s Deirdre O’Brien reaffirms past memo stating Apple employees must return back to work in the office

Gurman’s Power On Newsletter July 4, 2021

Rene Ritchie explains Private Relay

DigiTimes report says new 14 & 16 -inch MacBook Pros in September